Terms and Conditions

By downloading, accessing, or using our mobile app service in your app means that you are agreeing to get bound by these terms and conditions for using our Application. We are very having every right to change these terms and conditions in the near future, so keep an eye on our conditions before using our app. If you disagree with any of the terms, stop using our app or uninstall from your android system. If you continue using the Mobile Application services even after altering the new terms and condition then you are accepting the terms for further needs.

General restrictions for users

Location: The Mobile Application service does not create to use solely on a specific location. If you cannot access our mobile app service from a particular location, we are not responsible for the consequences. However, the general app issues will be addressed and fixed in the next version releases.
Scope: The Mobile Application service is for your personal usage purposes and non-commercial uses, so it cannot be used for business purposes.
Prevention on use: We hold the rights to stop a user from using our mobile app service anytime without giving the intimation to him/her.

Suspension conditions

If you use our Mobile Application Services in violation of the given terms and policies, then we will suspend you from using our app until we receive assurance from you that you will not breach further against the policies.

Privacy policy

Your use of our Mobile Application service frames your recognition of this Privacy Policy. If you are not okay or agreeing to our privacy policy, then it means you cannot use our mobile app service for your personal or non-commercial needs. Also, this privacy policy changes from time to time, so any changes made in the privacy policy with reflect in the services quickly after uploading here. Your use of our app even after changing our Privacy policy is the indication for us that you are accepting the revisions made in the policy statements.

How we use your personal information

We use the personal data or information that we collect from you through the mobile app service
➧ To provide the exact type of best quality mobile app services you requested.
➧ To notify, alert or send email to you about the frequent changes made in the app or any other services related to our organization.
➧ To empower you to engage in the interactive features of our mobile Application Service.
➧ To carry out our responsibilities and implement our rights to ensure everything is going as per the plan.
➧ To send campaigns with your email ID to promote our services worldwide with the available users.

Kids privacy

This app for use is only for the people above 13 years of age, so Children under 13 years of age is advised not to use our mobile app service at any interest. We do not knowingly collect the data from the children of age 13, so if you found anybody below 13 years of age is using our app, informing us through the contact page in the app will help us to remove the information about them.

Contact us

For any queries regarding the privacy policy, you can contact us anytime using the email ID forextradechenai@gmail.com

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